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Stephanie Wales Creative Imagery is a Husband & Wife wedding photography Team based in Amherst, NH offering artistic and creative wedding imagery Worldwide. If you are looking for a high-level of personalized service and a professional yet relaxed wedding photography experience, you have come to the right place.

Bishop Farm: NH Wedding – Maren & Brian {NH Wedding Photography}

Maren’s first email to me stated: “Looking for no normal photography.” I knew we were a good match just then! Honestly, our family portrait style is very classic and clean, but knowing that Maren would otherwise be up for anything, allowing us to be creative and spontaneous  had me excited from her first email. Couple that with the fact that Maren & Brian had chosen Bishop Farm in Lisben, NH as their wedding venue, we knew this would be a fun, rocking wedding. Bishop Farm has a new Bridal suite with FIERCE lighting, tons of little details around the property which add character, and some of the best (if not the best) service in the industry. The Salter family knows how to run a wedding: They are on-time, fun, and stress-free.

Thanks to Maren & Brian for truly being up for anything, and even at the end of the night when I know they were very tired, coming out to the fire with us to make a really special image. Congrats to Maren & Brian!

You’ve never seen multiple barns like these on the same property-guaranteed!

Even the bartenders rock!

Maren & Brian were smokin’….It was pitch black at this point in the night: this shot is 1 light behind on a remote trigger and another in front with a snoot attached set to just the right output for those inquiring minds out there. 🙂It’s so nice to know that personalized, family-run businesses still thrive and, they often do it better. Do you want to have a AWESOME wedding? Call the Salter family at Bishop Farm!

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