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Destination Wedding: Cartagena, Colombia: Jimmy & Lorena: PART 1 (of 3)

FACT:  This is a blog post that needs 3 parts. FACT: I’m a tad tied up right now. So here’s a quick “sneak peak” of images that I’ve already shared with Jimmy & Lorena to tide the rest of you over until I have more time to tell this Couple’s amazing love story.

XOXO Cartagena: I will be back!

The architecture and doors…..I could shoot these alone inside this walled city for 2 weeks. We took a walk VERY early one morning to get these uncrowded scenes. These images were gathered they day before the wedding.

This city is only a very quick 2-hour flight from Florida and just an incredibly beautiful, clean, safe city. YOU MUST GO.

All the doors in the city have unique knockers.

The houses/hotels/most buildings have open courtyards. This is the house we stayed in below. Our room is off to the right.

These guys were outside the Navel Museum.

I have to include this picture of our Nun. She spoke to Seth is Spanish for over 25 minutes non-stop, never caring that he didn’t (couldn’t) respond. Smiling was enough. We met lots of people like this.

This woman below was in the Santo Domingo plaza every morning with fruit on her head. She spread out her dress for tourists to take photos, but I wanted to get closer. Isn’t she amazing? This is a 50mm lens so I’m right on top of her. She enjoyed seeing her image afterwards but told me she thought she looked old. LOL

Part 2 will continue with the wedding day……

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