When it's cold and dry in the Mountains of New Hampshire, it's clear; even when your subject is in the clouds 300 days a year. Here's one of the 60 other days......TJ & Amanda's wedding day.

Did I say cold? Like under 10 degrees cold. But with the sun shining and NO wind, (an even bigger rarity in this neck of the woods), it was an absolutely glorious day for an outdoor winter wedding. A very special wedding: TJ and Amanda’s wedding.

The window in Amanda’s Bridal Suite had the most beautiful miniature ice crystals all over it.

We spent the evening prior at the rehearsal dinner. At the actual rehearsal on the South Veranda, Amanda and TJ made it clear that they were not afraid of the cold – Not one bit. In fact Amanda went to the rehearsal in this dress-without her fur. It was 2 degrees when this image was created:

And here I was thinking prior to arriving on property for this wedding, “I hope I can get them to go outside, it’s so clear.” “I hope they’ll do it if there’s a great sunset.” As you can clearly see I need not worry my little head. 🙂

Amanda and TJ had 230 people come to their wedding to celebrate their life & love together. It was such a special day. I have to thank Beth Ludwig, the super talented newborn & family photographer located in Saunderstown R.I. for sending this couple my way.

So many special moments….

Amanda was the woman of the hour and thus her Suite was CROWDED. I turned to Seth, handed him her shoes and said, “Do something feminine with these.” Voila! He saw the reflected sparkle in the wall and set up the shot for me.


This is a bumblebee on Amanda’s dress. Did you know that bumblebees are not supposed to be able to fly? They don’t know this of course so they just do.


Guests enjoyed the cocktail hour in the Conservatory while the staff readied the Grand Ballroom.

Then it was time to CELEBRATE!


NIGHT SHIFT was Insane-Non.Stop.Party.

There’s this thing that happens on the Presidential Mountain Range called Alpen Glow. It’s when the setting sun reflects off the Mountains. Look closely and you can also see a lenticular cloud (looks like a manatee).

As you can see this was an amazing night. Thank you TJ & Amanda, your families, and especially TJ’s Mom, who hired us and planned this entire wedding. You were right Jackie, it was the party of the year. 😉 Thanks so much for letting us be a part of it.

Big, HUGE Thanks to our Extra Shooters:

John Tully (ceremony, photo booth, and the killer alpen glow above)

Jessica Arnold (detail and location shots)

Flowers/Table Tops: Sarah Severence

Centerpiece Birch Titles: Amanda’s Mom & Dad (he cut that tree down)!

Entertainment: Night Shift (Boston)

Chairs/Decor rental: New England Country Rentals



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