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Church Landing: Meredith New Hampshire Wedding Photography

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Friday Night I was back in my hometown of Meredith at Church Landing.  Shooting here always feels like coming home; probably because I grew up about 500 yards from the property and got  married here in 2004. 😉

It was a brisk and windy day, and we were greeted by several snowsquals.

The property has grown recently so we had fun exploring some of the new rooms and common areas.

Ideas in Bloom created the perfect florals.


2 5 19 7The Maid of Honor just happen to have her Mother’s fur collection with her for all of the girls to wear…this is an ostrich and peacock fur that was dipped in 24 carat gold.

6 8 4This is one of the newer common areas at Church Landing. The table I used for this reflection shot is actually made out of the bow of an old wooden boat.

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I SWORE when I started shooting weddings that I would never, ever be one of those wedding photographers that has a sappy blog that describes in endless detail how much I love my job and how I  fall in love with all of my Clients. Well, a very special Bride broke me in 2010: I fell in love with her and her entire family- In fact I just shot her Brother’s wedding a few weeks ago.

Then moments like this keep happening: This is the Brides 94 year old Grandmother. The Father of the Bride gave a brief speech about how many years ago she promised to still be around for the Bride’s wedding, and not to just be around, but to dance. This moment reminds me of a quote that originates from Zimbabwe: “If you can talk you can sing; if you can walk you can dance.” Tears were streaming down my face when I shot these images. I now care more about these fleeting moments of time then I ever did about my creative ideas.

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I shot this wedding with Mark Bolton. Mark is an AMAZING Photographer and I was privileged to have him working with me.  He’s been in this game far longer than me. I loving shooting with other true professionals.

And you know what? I love me job. It doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days and that this is all roses and puppies; but even on a bad day, a good day, any day: I love it.