Wolfeboro NH Wedding: New Hamspshire Private Lake Wedding

The sky was threatening all day, but they rain stayed away until we needed it. This amazing lake-front estate provided the back drop for yet another  family wedding on this property.

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the property and meet many of the family members prior to the wedding. Hearing all of the multi-generational lore about the property was truly special.

As a girl who grew up summering on the lake, I could relate!

Such a special day.

The truly unique,  1-of-a-kind flowers were by Linda’s Flowers in Wolfeboro: www.flowersinwolfeboro.com  The island you can see in the background is named for the Bride.

Nelson_0581With the skies threatening the decision was made to move the ceremony up. It was announced!


A gracious Farmer next door  let us use his gorgeous filed and barn for the First Look.Nelson_0577 Nelson_0587 Nelson_0580


This lake property has beautiful gardens all named for different members of the family. The Bride’s sister had painstakenely set up birch stumps for the large family portraits. (Thank You)!21


This globe shot…..Seth’s idea and set-up. I really should change my business name. 😉

Nelson_0582Nelson_0583 Nelson_0593 Nelson_0575 Nelson_0571

Nelson_0569 Nelson_0570 Nelson_0579 Nelson_0572 Nelson_0568 Nelson_0573 Nelson_0574

Really if you’re getting married, don’t be afraid of the rain! 🙂


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